An Introduction from Writer/Director Matt Jarbo


Thank you for visiting this site! I wanted to give you a brief introduction about the film, and why/how it came to be. Also why I am choosing to distribute the film this way instead of through normal channels.

When I first had the idea for IN SEARCH OF…, it was before I moved from San Diego in 2010. I had wanted to leave they city with a Filmmaking “bang” and have a feature under my belt. I had started to prepare the story, and I had cast my (in real life) best friend Mark Dixon as the main character. I chose Mark because I think he’s a fantastic actor, and he’s a person who I can really work with on projects. When I first approached him with the film idea for ISO, I told him that it would be his “I AM LEGEND”.

The movie began production on April 28th, 2010 in San Diego. After a vigorous week of pre-production (including a whirlwind 2-day crowdfunding campaign to raise funds), we went out in to the wilderness and shot this little film. We finished production on April 29th, 2010.

That’s right, we shot the whole movie in 2 days.

Fast Forward to Labor Day Weekend 2012, and the movie is as done as I can make it. I’ve been toying with how to distribute the film for the past 2+ years. I’ve debating going the festival route (of which I am not a fan), and I’ve thought about standing on Hollywood Boulevard and giving away free copies to anyone who will take it. 

But in the end I chose to go this route. I will rent the film out for just .99 cents to anyone who wants to see it. 

I was inspired by my friend David Branin and Karen Worden of and how they are choosing to rent their film GOODBYE PROMISE using IndieGoGo. I think it’s amazing way to bring your film directly to the people through VOD rentals, and for only $1.

All the proceeds made from the rents of ISO will go towards my next film. The script is already written, and I’m piecing the production together. I’ve always wanted to use my first feature (my baby) as a launching point for my continued career. Now, through the power of Social Media, I can.

So please, rent the movie, watch it, and spread the word about Independent Film and Independent Distribution.

Thank you.

— Matt Jarbo —